Szr "Dur" is registered and operates from 1986. Deals with the repair and construction of stringed acoustic instruments.

For the most part it deals with Tambura:

- prim (bisernica),
- A bas-prim(brac),
- E bas-prim,kontra(bugarija),
- Tambura cello
- Tambura bas also called beges

Repairs of tambura include:

- Replacing grif washer,
- Replacing and dimensioning wires,
- Opening tambura and replacing parts,
- Opening tambura and repairing cracks,
- Replacing beams and construction in general,
- Changing colors and varnishing,
- Changing and checking the cylinders,
- Replacing mechanics

While making new Tambura we use white maple, walnut, spruce and ebony tree. We use only highest quality materials.
The store also deals with the production of wires for tambure, guitars (acoustic, electric, classical), mandolin, double bass and selling materials for the instruments.